Advice for the Private Equity Funds

Supported by extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance, we support Private Equity funds during the process of decision making and execution of business. Also, ManaGrow support asset managers to minimize risks and address barriers that may compromise their operations.

  • Survey Opportunities - Based on public information and our network, we produce market studies and find the best alternatives in economic sectors or specific companies.
  • Fronting - We work in the conduct of polls and initial approaches on potential targets of acquisition, while maintaining the confidentiality of the fund buyer. Our interaction allows the opening of conversation, value identification and formalization of the offering terms in the search for fair prices in business transactions.
  • Unbiased reviews (Fairness Opinions) - Our analysis, which are based on technical analysis, allow us to give unbiased reviews to strengthen the decision-making. Also, on another front, our team produces analytical companies and sectors reports, with agility, thus ensuring a safe and accurate decision-making process.

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